Letters from Kate - Hekima Place News February 2014


Dear Pittsburgh Rotary Club Foundation,

We have just concluded the busiest days of the year. Four new high schoolers (Edith, Nancy, Ann, Dorothy)went off to live in boarding schools. It is a blessing that all four were taken by public schools so the fees are considerably less. Nancy, Ann and their big sister Mary had to return home one week later for the funeral of their Dad, so we sent the van and four staff people to represent us.


Our four high school graduates are also here, (that's Maggie, Eunice, Bea, and Njambi) and their marks will be released on Friday, Feb 28th. Until that time, they are taking computer class down in our village every day, and then giving us pay-back time in the shamba each afternoon. Our two newest board members in the US have offered to pay for the refurbished computers we give to the girls heading to university.
One wishes to study IT, one Pharmacy, one international relations and the fourth aviation. Next week we shall dash around to schools to see who teaches what and for how much.

The girls who were tiny and passed through ages 4,5,6 when their teeth were coming in, have been taken for whitening at the dentist in Karen. We had way too much fluorine in our water at our rental place and their central teeth were browned with fluorosis. They have gleaming white smiles now and are glad of it.







My retirement cottage is moving along well. It consists of a sitting room, kitchen, bed and bathroom and is right near the giraffe garden. Mommy and baby giraffe have been joined by mommy and baby warthog, the natural companion of any giraffe in the wild. It will be pure delight to look out and see them each day...




The first of three babies have been born to our Cows; the girls have named it MAYA in honor of our sweet baby who was adopted in December. If the next is a girl it will be MAKENA, and if a boy is born it will be JOHNNY. That's all been settled by the little ones who came to visit with me. (It hurts my heart when a little one leads supper prayers and prays for these three who have left us....) When we have six adult female cows we shall investigate Biogas to cook with rather than propane. As it is, we have to enlarge the barn for the three little ones, as their nursery can only take them, for so long.



We have had 8-10 volunteers these two months as well. Great good fun. And thru a gift of a dear donor we will be starting music classes in March with three university students and one long time teacher who will split up the girls by grades and teach songs and instruments every Saturday afternoon. Our Nyama Choma Harambee next August will be splendid with all those glorious voices harmonizing.



On the 4th of May, Pittsburgh will host its annual MARATHON. If anyone wishes to run in honor of one of the girls - or knows someone who will share a relay or do a half marathon, please contact us.


Anyone in or around Pittsburgh is welcome to the ENGINE HOUSE for a fun evening; a funraiser if you will, which happens on March 29th, a jammin' Saturday night. It's a combination fire house, wine cellar, and museum to baseball. Last year it was wonderful. Please join us if you can.


I will be coming to the US and Canada from March 28th till after the marathon on May 4th. I hope we can gather some folks from London and Strathroy, who have been or would like to be volunteers with us in the future. A darling lady of 91 yrs has made the pillowcase dresses you see on Blessing and Gracie. We are so thankful to her and to Uncle Dick who brought them to Kenya from Canada. Can anyone up there organize something for us?? IODE?

Sponsors Needed


We are inviting anyone who can, to be a sponsor for a girl. Six of them don't have a sponsor yet; we ask for $750 for per year, $375 for co-sponsor and $1500 per semester for university here. We only have 7 publicuniversities and a quarter million young people taking the exam every year, it is not helped when each of them can only take 10,000 freshman. That leaves all the rest in private universities, technical schools or nowhere...We do appreciate your help.

As always, we pray for you daily and ask our good God to shower you with blessings (and cut out the snow and ice....) for your kindness to these little ones. A friend of mine said that God is the mother and father of an orphan, and if anyone harms or fails to help one, they are sticking their finger in God's eye. An apt analogy I think. So receive our prayers and thankfulness.



Kate and the Kids n Staff of Hekima Place